About Our School


Welcome to our new school website

We are a Special school in Ballina who cater for pupils with a Mild General Learning Need in North County Mayo and West County Sligo.

In 2009 we moved into our new school building which was constructed on the site of our previous school.

 We presently have two Primary classes who follow a Primary school curriculum and three Post Primary classes who follow a Post Primary programme.

20230525_113620 (1)
main corridor

At St. Dymphna’s we strive to provide a broad and balanced curriculum in a supportive and caring environment taking into consideration the needs of each pupil.

We have:

  • Large  purpose built classrooms
  • Well-equipped rooms for Home Economics and Materials, Technology and Wood.
  • A large General-Purpose room for PE and school concerts
  • A multi-sensory room
General Purpose room
school playground
  • A   Speech Therapy room
  • A physiotherapy room
  • An OT room
  • A large, enclosed playground with a range of equipment for breaks, including bikes, go karts. a  trampoline.

The school has a well-equipped Home Economics room and a Post Primary specialist subject teacher two days a week.

We also have a well-equipped kitchen and a chef to provide hot meals for pupils each day at break and lunch times.

Each class has sufficient digital devices for one for  each pupil and the use of digital technology in the school is encouraged. Each class has an IWB and we have a mobile smartboard for use throughout the school.

Home Economics room