Junior Cycle Programme

Class 4 have been working on our short course for our Junior Cycle Level 2. We  have just completed our Class Based Assessment to complete our course.   The students in class 4 selected this course themselves and worked very hard  and been very involved throughout.   The focus of strand 1 was physical activity for health […]

Class Four Art

We love art in class 4 and look forward to it every week. We like to off our talents and display our work afterwards. We have made our own Christmas tree decorations, created firework displays through print, designed a display board for Chinese New Year. We learned about Australia and for Australia Day we constructed […]

Class 4 and PE short course

Class 4 have started working on our PE short course as part of our Junior cycle. So far we have worked on lots of skills in gymnastics.

Velentine’s Day

We love to celebrate in Class 4​. For Valentine’s Day, we played tic tac toe with X’s and hearts. We had lots of fun!