Growing Things

Class2 embraced our April theme of ‘Growing Things’. We learned about the parts of a plant, we followed instructions to plant our own seeds and looked after them. We enjoyed learning about the different fruits and vegetables and even tasted some of them. We discussed a poem ‘A Little Seed’.

Active School Day 2024

St. Dymphna’s School hosted its second Active School Day, welcoming students from St. Anthony’s School in Castlebar, Co. Mayo, and St. Cecilia’s School in Co. Sligo. We were fortunate to have sunny weather, and everyone was eager to have fun. David Clarke from Ballina Stephenites led a fantastic workshop on GAA and goalkeeping. Some students […]

First Confession & First Communion

Absolutely! Class One and Class Two, the holy hooligans of St. Dymphna’s, deserve a round of applause for their epic adventures of their first confession and first communion.  Those days were filled with laughter, love, and just a dash of mischief made the whole experience unforgettable.  Here’s to these pint-sized pranksters and their joyous journey […]

May Measures

May measures! Class 2 has been busy learning about measurement.  We have listened to songs about big and small, tall and short and long and short.  We measured classroom items including iPad, book and marker using blocks.  We have been introduced to math vocabulary including long, longer, ruler and metre stick. We have played interactive […]

Loving literacy

Loving literacy February has been a busy month exploring CVC, CVVC and CVCC words using a variety of resources and ICT tools. We love playing around with words, finding rhyming words, words with digraphs and words starting with a particular letter. It helps greatly with our reading and spelling.

Clothes creations

Clothes creations Our theme this month is Clothes.  We have been practicing clothes related vocabulary, questions and answers during our daily circle time.  We have enjoyed exploring various clothing materials and reusing clothes to create beautiful art piece