Junior Cycle Programme

Class 4 have been working on our short course for our Junior Cycle Level 2. We  have just completed our Class Based Assessment to complete our course.  

The students in class 4 selected this course themselves and worked very hard  and been very involved throughout.  

The focus of strand 1 was physical activity for health and wellbeing. Students  took part in fitness classes and completed their CBA on this strand. We learned  all about the importance of exercise, engaged with personalised physical activity  programmes and looked at how to continue with our physical activity.  

We also covered Games and orienteering as part of individual team challenges.  Dance and gymnastics were also covered as part of our PE classes with Wendy.  

For our Class based assessment, we have selected evidence to submit from  Strand 1. We have used written, digital, visual and audio formats. We had an  interview and presented a portfolio based on our learning.