This Giant Tent: Celebrating Our Connections

On September 12th  the Traveller Community hosted an event in Ballina celebrating connections, culture and community.Transition Class thoroughly enjoyed their visit and got to try a range of activities. 

Junior Cycle Programme

Class 4 have been working on our short course for our Junior Cycle Level 2. We  have just completed our Class Based Assessment to complete our course.   The students in class 4 selected this course themselves and worked very hard  and been very involved throughout.   The focus of strand 1 was physical activity for health […]

May Measures

May measures! Class 2 has been busy learning about measurement.  We have listened to songs about big and small, tall and short and long and short.  We measured classroom items including iPad, book and marker using blocks.  We have been introduced to math vocabulary including long, longer, ruler and metre stick. We have played interactive […]


The Active School Flag (ASF) is a Department of Education and Skills initiative awarded to schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. The process aims to get more schools, more active, more often. Our pupils, staff and parents are committed to making activity and exercise a fun and everyday […]


We are a vibrant, energetic bunch! I have the pleasure of teaching seven wonderful, charming, generous characters aged between 12 and 14 years with the assistance of an amazing SNA We are following the level 2 learning programmes of the new junior cycle focusing on key social and pre-vocational skills. The students also attend Woodwork, […]

Story Writing and Digital Book in Class 4

Earlier this school year, class 4 worked on narrative writing and as a whole class group wrote their very own story. They created the characters, the settings and the plot for the story. Every student engaged with the process of developing the story through various means of communication. This is a link to our story. […]

Ebook class

Our Literacy story ‘The Rainbow Fish’ was used to create our first digital e book, use the link below to view

Art Project

Light it up Winter Magic 2022 Art Project. St. Dymphna’s School students had the opportunity to take part in an exciting art project this term. The project involved young people from the North Mayo area including Involve Youth Service, Down Syndrome Mayo, Little Blue Heroes, students from St Marys, Cairde at NYP and An Garda […]